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  • YY32 Superabrasive Stone Inserted Guide Shoe Mandrels, keyway honing units

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  • it is keyway Superabrasive Stone Inserted Guide Shoe Mandrels. For applications where a long lasting mandrel is needed and the material being honed reacts negatively with a hardened mandrel. Made from a bronze mandrel. Single or double insert mandrels in either CBN or diamond are available

YY32-W Wedge Replace when wear begins to show

LN-1102A Tension Block

LN-1545A Set Screw Only (2pcs/bag)

LN-1161A Shim Set (4pcs)

LN-1251A Shoe Screws (12pcs)

LN-1109A Latch Set

CBN and Diamond Stones for Keyway Mandrels Metal Bond These Stones consist of a single stone mounted centrally in a metal holder.

Diameter Range: 25,25 mm – 31,50 mm 

Standard Keyway Mandrels not suitable for blind holes. Blind Hole Keyway Mandrels and Stones are available on special order basis. Contact Customer Service. These honing units are designed to be used for honing bores with keyways, splines, ports and other surface interruptions.

Keyway Mandrels must be trued accurately to keep the honing stone from hanging up in the keyway. Size Truing Sleeve to a diameter between the desired finish bore size and ,127 mm (.005") under.

Working range 25,15mm - 38,00mm For use on machines with Automatic Size Control units. Select the appropriate Size Control Probe based on workpiece finish diameter. See page 8.4 for complete list of A.S.C. Sensing Tips.

In some cases, stones other than the RECOMMENDED STONES may hone faster or last longer. For long or repetitive production runs, it may be economical to choose a stone slightly harder or softer, coarser or finer. As a general rule, hard materials require soft stones; soft materials require hard stones; rough holes require hard stones.


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