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  • Superhard Abrasive CBN, Diamond honing stone, Professional oil stone supplier

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  • 1. Minimum Order Quantity: 2pcs

    2. Price: $15-22/pc

    3. Packaging Details: Transparent plastic box(accept customized)

    4. Payment Terms: L/C,T/T, Western Union, ,Paypal 

    5. Supply Ability: about 8000pcs/month

    6. Delivery: 5-15 days

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Abrasive Block


Metal Bond


Cubic Boron Nitride (NM) and diamond(DM)

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3-10 days after receiving payment



The finishing machining (see cutting process) of the oil stone on the honing head. Honing is mainly used for various cylindrical holes of 5 ~ 500mm or larger, such as cylinder, valve hole, connecting rod hole and case hole, etc., the ratio of hole depth and aperture can reach 10, or even more. Under certain conditions, honing can also process outer circle, plane, sphere and tooth surface. The surface roughness of the cylindrical honing is generally up to Ra0.32 ~ 0.08 micron, and the precision honing can reach up to Ra0.04 micron, and can improve the geometric accuracy in a small amount, and the machining accuracy can reach IT7 ~ 4.

The surface quality of plane honing is slightly poor.

cast iron, aluminum, babbitt, copper, glass, ceramic,

Cubic boron nitride materials: tool steel, die steel, hardened steel, alloy material, and various super hard materials.

Shape of machinable hole: through hole, blind hole, series hole, spline hole.

There are different grit size from 70,80,100...10001200 to catch up different surfaces request. The most commonly used is the rough processing oil stone of about 220 eyes, the refined oil stone of about 600 eyes, and the superfinishing oil stone of about 1200 eyes. But the number of the oil stone is one hand, and the hardness of the oil stone, and the processing has a certain relationship.

The abrasive materials used in honing stone include diamond, cubic boron nitride, corundum and silicon carbide. Characteristics of honing process:

1. High machining accuracy

2. Surface quality

3. Processing scope

4. Small cutting allowance

5. Good correction ability

We would like to be the diligently supplier with recognized quality of honing stones, mandrels, adapters, wedges, guides shoes, polishing flex hone tools for different honing machines and demands. Meanwhile, we hope to be the most valued provider of non-standard tools in the future for the market different demands.