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  • Silicon carbide grinding Stone, customized knife stones

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  • Theis normally sticker are specially designed H70,H50 series Sunnen Honing heads and Machine. There are also H70/H50 with diamond and CBN material………

    They belong to a wide range of tools, tools, measuring instruments, precision instruments, bearings, cylinders and grinding and polishing.

    Alumina is known as corundum: And the grade of corundum has brown corundum.

There are  Brown hardness, good toughness, low price grinding carbon steel, alloy steel, malleable iron, hard bronze.

Materials: Aluminium Oxide, Black Silicon Carbide, Green Silicon Carbide, resin and so on,

Available grits: From #60 to #500

Each set consist of two stone assemblies
H70 Honing Stone and Guide Set for use with MPS-H70, MPS-H85, MPS-H165 and MPS-H200 Hone Heads.
Each set consist of two stone assemblies and two guide shoes.

Diamond, cubic boron nitride, silicon carbide and alumina abrasives are most commonly used in honing stone materials.

Diamond, cubic boron nitride is called super abrasive;Alumina and silicon carbide are called ordinary abrasives (or traditional abrasives).

Alumina abrasive are first introduced, aluminum oxide from bauxite by chemical method is derived, chunks of alumina by mechanical crushing, after crushing particles according to size and shape of the standard strict grading.There are four main types of purity and particle shape: White alumina, purple alumina, blue alumina, brown alumina..



A covalent bond silicon carbide is silicon carbide, high hardness, high temperature resistance, good conductivity, thermal conductivity, unresponsive in acid and alkali, and mainly used in abrasive, chemical industry, microelectronics, aviation, aerospace, metallurgy, etc.The imperfection of the silicon carbide grinding grain is much higher than that of alumina, and the grain is mostly conical and the sharp corners are very dense.
MOQ 10 Pcs
Package Plastic film packed within paper box or customer request
Delivery 1)5-7 working days after receiving CBN honing stone payment
2)Big order depend on detailed quantity and make a production schedule
Payment Term TT, Paypal, etc.




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