Quality Control

During the process of product quality management, it can be divided into three stages.
Namely "beforehand" product quality control stage, "event" process control stage and "afterwards" quality control and processing stage.

1.Prior Control
***To improve the quality consciousness. In reality, there are many contradictions, such as the quality and progress of the relationship between quality and progress, which is the poor quality consciousness. The contradiction between design and manufacture, the contradiction between procurement and capital, the contradiction between sales and development, the contradiction between ability and external environment, etc., all affect product quality.

***Implement target management and quality control. Quality objectives provides the staff with the focus of attention, and gives the realization of enterprise strategic planning the implementation of the direction, it determines the desired results, and guide enterprises to use resources to achieve the expected results. It is also necessary to set quality objectives and manage them for a specific set of products. The quality objective should meet the requirements of the customers and meet the requirements of the enterprise's overall goal, and adapt to the internal and external environment of the enterprise. In order to achieve the quality goal, we should make the corresponding quality plan and implement the quality pre-control. Before the product launch, the quality management personnel and the production unit should communicate in place to make everyone's goal clear and clear. The application of new technology, new technology and new materials should be trained in advance

***There is also supplier management and raw material incoming inspection. In the management of the supplier, it is necessary to carry out the "supplier level assessment". Make sure that Quality suppliers provide top level materials.

2. Process Control
***Make the process planning work and improve the accuracy of the process
Process planning is an important content of quality control, is to ensure that the product quality formation process according to the provisions of the program files, programs and methods in controlled conditions is an important work of the long-term effective operation. Design time should consider the actual production operability and the precision positioning of the product.

*** Establish the quality control point and improve the quality of the process
Process quality control is the basic point of process quality control and is an important content of quality control. In the process of forming the product quality, including several process processes, the definition is divided into three categories: (1) general process: the process of the general effect of product formation quality;(2) key processes: processes that are important and critical to the quality of products, especially reliability;(3) special procedures: the results cannot be tested and tested in the latter, and only after use can be fully verified.

***Strengthen process quality audit, improve process management level
Must do the following several aspects work: (1) process quality audits in a planned way, to the audit content, time, frequency, personnel and so on make specific deployment, generally shall not be less than twice a year;(2) to check whether the technical level and business capacity of the existing personnel conform to the requirements of process quality control;(3) to review the product quality and the quality capability of outsourcing parts, external components, raw materials, and sub-contractors;(4) review the correctness of the process procedures, work instructions, integrity, and maneuverability, the importance of process control parameters and characteristics must pass a procedure qualification or process validation, have documented procedure qualification books or process validation;(5) the storage, packaging, handling and identification of raw materials, semi-finished products and products shall conform to the rules of the procedure, and shall not have any phenomenon of collision, damage or deterioration;(6) to review the quality requirements of the production equipment, inspection and test equipment, tooling equipment, the integrity rate of the measuring instruments, the special pipe rate and the period inspection rate, etc.;

***Inspection before shipment
Complete the inspection of the whole product,
Check the appearance, performance, accuracy and other parts to check and record the test