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  • High efficiency multi-stone Rod and honing Mandrel, Honing shaft for horizontal honing machine

  • Product Description
  • Our own special design in order to achieve high efficiency and widely use in different holes.

    We have D4K,D4L, D6K,D6L series for different diameter and length holes working. Would like to customzied design according to the work-piece speciality

D41P5L10-22~D41P5L10-25.5 D41P5L10-22 21.70 22.64 D4(6)1P5L10-(22~27.5) D4(6)1P5L10-(22~27.5)
D41P5L10-22.5 22.20 23.14
D41P5L10-23 22.70 23.64
D41P5L10-23.5 23.20 24.14
D41P5L10-24 23.70 24.64
D41P5L10-24.5 24.20 25.14
D41P5L10-25 24.70 25.64
D41P5L10-25.5 25.20 26.14
D41P5L10-26~D41P5L10-27.5 D41P5L10-26 25.70 26.64
D41P5L10-26.5 26.20 27.14
D41P5L10-27 26.70 27.64
D41P5L10-27.5 27.20 28.14

The honing rod and honing head are used together to achieve the best effect. The honing rod is connected with the rocker arm, and the honing head is connected with the honing head to ensure the precision of honing.

Honing head is in the honing process must use a tool, used with honing oilstone, can greatly improve the machining accuracy of parts and the production efficiency, has the characteristics of high precision and can be measured.It can also complete the general honing process and the technology of the platform's diamond honing technology. The product specifications can range from 15 to 1000, and various non-standard specifications can be made according to the user's requirements.



Suitable for steel, hard alloy, cast iron, super alloy and other high - precision cylindrical hole, hole, axial radial and discontinuous hole.

All kinds of honing tools can be customized according to customer's requirement

Honing hole shape: through hole, blind hole, serial hole, hole, keyway hole, cross hole keyway, overlapping hole, spline hole,

Multi-stone choose form 
(stone length 85mm,for work piece length 60-100)
model honing range stone model drawing number
D41P5L8-19~D41P5L8-19.5 D41P5L8-19 19.80 20.66 D41P5L8-(19~19.5) D41P5L8-(19~19.5)
D41P5L8-19.5 20.30 21.16
D41P5L8-20~D41P5L8-21.5 D41P5L8-20 19.80 20.66 D41P5L8-(20~21.5) D41P5L8-(20~21.5)
D41P5L8-20.5 20.30 21.16
D41P5L8-21 20.80 21.66
D41P5L8-21.5 21.30 22.16 

Competitive Advantage:




Surface finish<0.05 

Short cylcle time 

Process reliability, 

Low work-piece cost. 

We would like to be the diligently supplier with recognized quality of honing stones, mandrels, adapters, wedges, guides shoes, polishing flex hone tools for different honing machines and demands. Meanwhile, we hope to be the most valued provider of non-standard tools in the future for the market different demands.