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  • H70-A45/A45N Honing stone for MPS honing head and deep hole honing machine parts

  • Product Description
  • H70 Honing Stone and Guide Set for use with MPS-H70, MPS-H85, MPS-H165 and MPS-H200 Hone Heads for big horizontal honing machines.
    Each set consist of two stone assemblies and two guide shoes.
    H70A45N standard honing stone sets in stock, which can ship out at once.
    The H70 series are specially designed for Sunnen Honing Machine. There are also H70A25, H70-A47 and H70-J45, H70-J47………

    The grits and sizes can be done under the customer's requirements


Price: $10-12/set

Delivery time: 1-2weeks after receipt of order.
Port: FOB Shanghai
Supply Ability: 10000sets per month
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T, Western Union, ,Paypal
Packaging Details: Transparent plastic box(accept customized)

Relation table of surface finish and stone grit size:

Stone Grit Size

Surface Demands


Cast iron, Bronze, Aluminum Alloy


Ra 0.8

Ra 1.6


Ra 0.4

Ra 0.8


Ra 0.2

Ra 0.4


Ra 0.1

Ra 0.2


Ra 0.05

Ra 0.1

This kind of honing stone mainly used in American Sunnen HT horizontal honing machine.

H70 Honing Stone and Guide Set for use with MPS-H70, MPS-H85, MPS-H165 and MPS-H200 Hone Heads.
Each set consist of two stone assemblies and two guide shoes.

H70, H50 Honing Stone Sets
Interchangeable with Sunnen Machines HT.

Metal Bond Diamond and CBN Honing Stone Sets.
Manufacturer of H70/H50 Honing Stone and Guide Sets for Sunnen MPS Modular Tool Systems.

Engineering hydraulic cylinder
Cylinder oil field pump
Coal mine hydraulic and engine liner
Military guns and other deep hole boring and processing areas.

Each set consist of two stone assemblies

Description of Goods:Powerful sunnen Honing stone,
Abrasive type: WA\A\PA\SA\MA\GC\C

Grit range: 70#~600#
Bond type: V \B
Hardness range: F~Y
Materials:White aluminium,

1. Durability 

2. Low cost

3. Reduction of cut

4. The grinding heat is small


5. The pattern of honing is even clear

With professional technology to meet customers' different parts processing requirements, solve the production of non-standard parts, continuously improve the self, and achieve precision machining with low cost, To achieve  double win cooperation.