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About Honing for cylinder liner engine


Honing technology is the birth and development of the automobile. Cylinder - piston ring is the most important friction pair in the automobile, its performance and working condition directly affect the quality, grade, service life and human living environment of automobile products. From the perspective of this process, the improvement of automobile engine manufacturing and processing technology has undoubtedly played an important role in promoting the process of automobile civilization. Among them, honing is the most important precision manufacturing technology of cylinder work surface.

1 honing process characteristics
(1) honing is an efficient way of machining the surface of work-piece to achieve high precision, high surface quality and high life span. It can effectively improve the precision of dimension, shape precision and decrease of Ra value, but can not improve the accuracy of hole and other surface.
(2) it can process cast iron parts, hardened and unhardened steel parts and bronze pieces, but it is not suitable for non-ferrous metal parts with large toughness.,
(3) honing is mainly used for hole processing. In the process of hole honing, it is guided by the former machining hole center. The range of machining aperture is phi 5 ~ phi 500 and the depth ratio can be 10.
(4) honing is widely used in bulk production of cylinder holes, oil cylinders, valve holes, and many kinds of guns. It can also be used in small batch production.
(5) when honing, the coaxial degree cannot be determined.
(6) compared with grinding and grinding, honing has the characteristics of reducing manual labor, high productivity, and easy to realize automation.

Processing purpose of Honing
Honing is mainly used in various cylindrical holes of 5 ~ 500 mm or more, such as cylinder, valve hole, connecting rod hole and case hole, and the ratio of hole depth to aperture is 10 or even greater. Under certain conditions, honing can also process the outer circle, plane, sphere and tooth surface. The surface roughness of the cylinder honing is usually Ra0.32 ~ 0.08 micron, and the precision plover can be below Ra0.04 micron, and can improve the geometrical accuracy in a small amount, and the machining precision can reach IT7 ~ 4.The surface quality of plane honing is slightly worse.
The surface precision technical requirement of 3 cylinder liner honing
Serial number limit measurement control system
Application of honing technology
The process method for the whole process of internal and external integrated cylinder bore hole is: fine boring and honing.
Main advantages are: (1) process increase the honing of cylinder hole (usually diamond sand honing), can guarantee the surface roughness of cylinder hole, diamond abrasive article honing cylinder hole surface roughness can reach Ra0.8 ~ 1.6.Therefore, the requirements of product design can be guaranteed to reduce the manufacturing cost and maintenance cost.(2) honing can effectively improve the degree of cylinder (waist bulging), roundness, taper and diameters of diameter.(3) the surface bonding degree of the cylinder hole pressed into cylinder liner (the cylinder liner with a centerless cylindrical grinding process and the surface roughness Ra1.6) can reach more than 85 %.

General design:
When the internal combustion engine has a speed of more than 2800rpm, the cylinder bore and cylinder liner should be more than 85%.
When the internal combustion engine speed is < 2800rpm, the cylinder hole of the cylinder body of the non-highway machine can not be considered.